We at MEL would welcome partnering with companies at one or more of the following levels:

  • Acting as a participating company in the data collection process. It is our goal to build a substantial repertoire of case studies so that we continuously improve our confidence in the inferences drawn from cumulative findings. The company`s benefit will come from executive contribution in the process – participants typically both enjoy and gain deep insights from involvement – as well as a short summary report on the findings. No fee is charged in this case.
  • This would replicate the process above but in this setting a diagnostic report would be provided that not only summarizes the results but presents prescriptive guidance to the participating firm. A fee is charged for this service.
  • The MEL procedure would be embedded into a workshop/seminar in which participants would complete the MEL questionnaire and ratings, analyze the results and be involved in devising real-time recommendations – with the guidance of MEL partners – for innovation and sustainability in their own “ambidextrous organization.” A fee is also charged for this service.

Interested ?

Please contact either Phil Dover (phil.dover@mel-institute.com) or Udo Dierk (udo.dierk@mel-institute.com) via e-mail.


AuthorUdo Dierk