In 2008 Peter Lorange and Bala Chakravarthy published an article about driving renewal, in which they introduced a new type or role of an executive : the entrepreneur-manager. They defined the following profile :

  • Skills
    • see the big picture and shape strategy
    • communicate and market strategy
    • manage stakeholders, gain support and mobilize resources
    • assemble and motivate a team of experts
  • Personal traits
    • propensity to take risks
    • passion and inner fire
    • action orientation
    • Self-confidence
  • Professional experience
    • established track record – buys freedom and trust
    • long tenure and varied experience – helps with networking

In our MEL-model of the thre archetypes  Manager – Entrepreneur – Leader (see Post “Manager – Entrepreneur – Leader”) we predicted and found, that a strong combination of the archetypes Manager and Entrepreneur is very rare, because they have conflicting or contradicting strength or traits. While the Manager is concentrated on efficiency and control, the entrepreneur is appealed by opportunity and  making things happen. So we claim that there is no entrepreneur-manager, as Lorange and Chakravarthy suggest. Their description of the entrepreneur-manager would lead in our MEL-model to an individual that combines the archetypes leader and entrepreneur, which you find quite often, because both are future oriented and very much people focused.

We are looking forward to your opinion. What do you think ?

Prof. Dr. Udo Dierk

AuthorUdo Dierk