Dear all,

Phil Dover from the US and I, Udo Dierk from Germany, have just launched our new website and our new Institute, the MEL-Institute. This Institute serves as a platform for research and debating on the topic of the role of the leadership team for sustainable growth through continuous innovation. We strongly believe that the leadership team of a company plays the most important role in making a company sustain over a longer period. The composition of the leadership team and its individual talents does and will make the difference. Our approach reflects the importance of this composition and widens the role of the leadership team.

Most companies face the paradox of finding ways to sustain in their longer future and in parallel finding ways to survive in the presence. The ambidexterity of most organizations and companies and the role of the leadership team in it is our fascinating topic of research .

We like to invite you to actively contribute to our research and comment on our findings, on our methodology, on our ideas and on our approach.

Become a member of the MEL-community and contribute to the future !

Phil and Udo

AuthorUdo Dierk