Yes, they are. "Real" entrepreneurs have leadership capabilities that are as strong as their entrepreneur capabilities.

Recently Udo Dierk has conducted a couple of face-to-face interviews with German entrepreneurs who have either started, taken over or continued a business, we call them "real" entrepreneurs, whereas those acting entrepreneurial within a corporate setting are called "corporate" entrepreneurs. In the last two years Phil and Udo have conducted about some 100 interviews with corporate executives in several companies on both sides of the Atlantic to validate the MEL-Index and the underlying concept. The question behind the new series of interviews with "real" entrepreneurs is : are those "real" entrepreneurs different from "corporate" entrepreneurs anf if so, how are they different in regards to the three archetypes "Managers", "Leaders" and "Entrepreneurs". The result in short - yes they are different. Please have a look to our recent paper "The Differences between "real" Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives" that demonstrates our findings and will be presented by Phil Dover at the  9th European conference on Innovation and Entrtepreneurship in Belfast on September 18th 2014.

Phil will continue these type of interviews with US-based "real" entrepreneurs to find out if the findings with German entrepreneurs can be confirmed in the US and to see if there are differences between US- and German-based "real" entreprneurs.

AuthorUdo Dierk