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Our research is partly sponsored by Babson College in the USA, the No.1 Business School for Entrepreneurship, especially by Babson Faculty Research Fund and  the Glavin  Center for Global Management,  and until recently by  Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft FHDW, one of the largest private Business Schools in Germany, which was founded by the computer pioneer Heinz Nixdorf.


We are in the process of creating an active MEL community of practitioners and applied scholars interested in better understanding the interactive role of managers, entrepreneurs and leaders within the organization. A major goal is to collect MEL findings from around the globe and across numerous industries so that informed comparisons can be made on the basis of such variables as culture, ownership and innovation profile. This data base will be built as follows:

Participating Companies:
We will request client companies to allow us to use their MEL findings – made suitably anonymous – for inclusion in our resource base. In addition, a small number of corporations will be recruited to act as test sites for the further development of the MEL tool and for the observation of longitudinal trends in capabilities among project participants. This later group will be known as “Corporate Partners” and will have early access to key results.

Professional Partners:
The collection of a world-wide data base will require assistance from sources beyond the MEL Institute. At this early stage we are in the process of forging strategic alliances with a major business school in each of  the US, Europe and China.  We would hope shortly to expand our scope by engaging schools (or consultancies) within each major country. We invite interested parties to contact us to further discuss collaborative opportunities.