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Our Solutions for Academics:

We are extremely excited about the potential of the MEL Index to not only greatly help the business enterprise manage its ambidextrous environment but to act as a powerful conceptual framework for applied academics to think more deeply about the interactive role of managers, entrepreneurs and leaders in society. We invite researchers to become involved in the following ways:

Active participation in building a global MEL data base

  • Providing contacts with interesting organizations
  • Collecting MEL data from such organizations
  • Preparing a case study on the basis of MEL findings

Involvement in developing the conceptual framework around the Manager, Entrepreneur and Leader archetypes

  • Extend literature review and further interpret findings
  • Explore role of additional archetypes in sustaining innovation
  • Combine or map our MEL framework with other diagnostic methods (e.g., Birkman; Learning styles)

Contribute to shaping our tools and methodology

  • Test and validate MEL Index
  • Extend analytical tools for interpreting MEL data
  • Further develop inventory for measuring Manager, Entrepreneur and Leader activities

// As the MEL-Index is a trademarked instrument, we would ask scholars to sign a letter of agreement on the application of the tool and the dissemination of findings.