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Our Solutions for Companies:

We would like to invite leadership teams within companies to participate in the MEL initiative. Leadership teams may well comprise Board-level personnel as well as regional and business unit managers. Members of innovation teams also provide an excellent target for the MEL process. The MEL Team operates at 3 main levels of activity that are differentiated by the extent of company involvement:

Determine MEL capabilities within participating companies

  • Administer MEL Index to target executives
  • Provide raw results from MEL exercise
  • Allow self-assessment of MEL capabilities

Provide diagnostic case study from MEL findings

  • All of above, plus
  • Correlate MEL scores with market performance metrics
  • Provide prescriptive strategic guidance from findings

Use MEL Index within executive education programs/workshops

  • Allows real-time application and analysis of the MEL Index
  • Collaborative discussion on implications of MEL findings
  • Powerful example of action-based learning


// Although most of our work is with for-profit companies, the application of the MEL Index can also be of considerable value to government agencies and not-for-profit organizations.