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Benefits to Commercial Partners

We believe there are significant planning and operational benefits that result from employing the MEL Index. These include:

  • A clear representation of senior management’s perspective on the role of, and the skills required by managers, entrepreneurs and leaders within an organization.
  • A description of outstanding managers, entrepreneurs and leaders currently within their own organization.
  • A quantitative measure of individual and institutional capabilities on the Manager, Entrepreneur and Leader dimensions.
  • A powerful visual representation of these capabilities
  • A link between these ratings and relevant company performance measures (profitability; innovation intensity, etc.)
  • The ability to provide diagnostic insights on the MEL balance required to manage your “ambidextrous organization” – this may include recommendations on such concerns as recruitment, coaching, training, and organizational structure.
  • The opportunity to take MEL measures over time in order to retain an appropriate capability balance for sustaining innovation
  • A data base of results from similar companies that offers a comparative benchmark of MEL profiles.

We would welcome the chance to further discuss the possible implementation of an MEL application within your own company.  Please contact us.